Why consider vastu before buying a house? How do we take care of it?

Vastu Shastra believes that a house is much more than just a dwelling. It is a space that cultivates good fortune, wealth, positivity, and stability in our lives besides giving us shelter. This is why a house that’s Vastu compliant is said to bring prosperity to the dwellers. But what is Vastu compliance?

Vastu compliance implies that a property’s design, layout, and other components are in rhythm with the principles of Vastu Shastra. These principles emphasize the optimization of the 5 elements and 8 directions combined, in order to call the property sound to live in. It also emphasizes the suitability of colors, shapes, and positions in the property. 

People from across the globe value these principles. Especially the millennials. They view their home as a shaper of their lives and success, and therefore assess homes from the Vastu perspective when it comes to buying them. Aisshpra Lifespaces, as considerate real estate developers, understand these values and thus, endeavor to offer people Vastu-compliant residential properties. 

From the shape of the building plot to the direction of the entrance, availability of suitable sunlight, ventilation, and open spaces, in the interiors, and directions of different rooms, we ensure that each aspect abides by the Vastu perspective. 

Some Vastu-compliant features of Paalm Paradise include:

  • This township project is built on a rectangular plot, which is among the righteous plot shapes for a residential property as per Vastu Shastra. 
  • Entrances are directed toward the North, east, and northeast directions. These directions are said to be the most auspicious entrances, hence bringing positive energy into the homes.

  • The society and its apartments have ample sunlight and ventilation. Here, you must note that no common walls between neighboring apartments ensure an effective cross-ventilation. Plus, strategically placed windows bring a good amount of natural light and wind inside. 

  • The directions of spaces from the kitchens to master bedrooms, kids’ rooms, guest rooms, living areas, bathrooms, and toilets are designed in compliance with Vastu.

  • Above all, the premises of Paalm Paradise are surrounded by nature’s plentifulness in the form of gardens, parks, and other natural landscapes, ensuring a healthy mind, body, and soul for the residents. 


Final Thoughts

Paalm Paradise is a result of prudent design and planning, done by national and internationally acknowledged architects/landscapers. This township project offers Vastu-compliant premises with world-class modern and digital amenities. Our objective, through this venture, is to elevate the lifestyle of the citizens of Gorakhpur by giving them a one-of-a-kind dwelling experience.

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