With a plethora of experience and entrepreneurial zest, Shri Atul Saraf has laid the pillars of the foundation for the Aisshpra group. Under the mentorship of his father Shri Bal Krishna Ji, he understood the ethical implications of business and set upon building a legacy of trust. With his commendable leadership, he has taken Aisshpra Gems & Jewels to the zenith of success.

After cementing himself as one of the noteworthy jewelers in Uttar Pradesh, he ventured Into the real estate market. As a visionary, he realized that infrastructure was critical to development, and in the real estate sector he could make a positive contribution to society at large. This could be achieved by developing spaces that optimized area and facilitated efficiency in day-to-day life. The spaces around us can fundamentally change us as people.

He along with his brother Shri Anoop Saraf is contributing to the development of Gorakhpur’s infrastructure with state-of-the-art constructions. His efforts and an endless urge to serve people have got him win several eminent awards and recognitions.



The co-director of Aisshpra Gems & Jewels, Shri Anoop Saraf, is another gem in the Saraf family. After completing his education, he got to address the legacy of this family’s jewelry business and look after the retail aspects of it. It was a fortune for him to hone his abilities and a keen interest in the jewelry domain under the guidance of his father, Shri Bal Krishna Ji, and brother Shri Atul Saraf.

Aisshpra Gems & Jewels have now emerged as a brand for the masses, hand-crafting exquisite, contemporary, and heirloom jewelry in gold and silver. Besides, it also boasts of providing exceptionally stunning diamond and solitaire jewelry.

At present, Shri Anoop has also taken command of Aisshpra’s real estate venture in conjunction with Shri Atul Saraf. From Aisshpra Lifespaces to Aisshpra Resorts Solutions, many projects have been accomplished under his directorship.



Shri Vikas Kejriwal is an experienced fashion apparel and fabric exporter, having more than 30 years of experience in the industry, fulfilling the taste of both domestic and international customers. Besides the fashion niche, he has also spent 15 long years in the real estate industry and earned recognition as one of the most successful real estate developers in India.

Shri Vikas Kejriwal shares the common objective of developing spaces that possess the capability to uplift society’s life as well as lifestyle. By joining hands with Aisshpra, he is investing his experience in jointly accomplishing the dream projects within the stipulated time frame.



Shri Jagdish Anand is presently heading his own construction company, M/S K. K. Constructions & Builders. In his professional journey, he has successfully executed over hundreds of construction projects, both on domestic and international grounds.

A few other renowned projects include Bajaj Infrastructure Development Co. Ltd. where Shri Jagdish Anand’s construction company was involved in the construction of a Power Block Area for a 3 x 660 MW Super Critical Thermal Power Plant, at Lalitpur, U.P. Then, there is Shri Datta Sakhar Karkhana, a unit of Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries Ltd. at Kohlapur, Maharastra.

Besides, M/S K. K. Constructions & Builders have also accomplished projects of numerous giants. These include Reliance, Birla, JAYPEE Group, NSL Sugars, Hyderabad, K.P.R. Sugar Mills Ltd., Karnataka, Kesar Enterprises Ltd., Bareilly DSCL Group, IGL Group, U.P. Electricity Board, and NTPC among others.